Good day racing!

We won our class and became 10th overall in this strong field at the final round of the winter endurance championship @Circuit Zandvoort.
Fantastic work again by our team for the fantastic preparation and flawless pitstops!!
Next stop Spa400!

Busy days @Vink Motorsport

Busy days @Vink Motorsport.
We have a lot of projects going before the season starts.
We compete this year in several championships with our cars, both historic & modern.
Stay tuned for more nice pics.

Progress on our Mazda 929 group-A project

Nice progress on our Mazda 929 group-A project!
Great work by VA Engineering replacing the aluminium Rubi cage for an FIA certified steel cage.
We kept the cage exactly the same as it was in 1988!
Nice to bring some Spa 24h history back on track.

635 Group-A project

The 635 group-A project is getting shape!
Our engine wizzard Dries made a fantastic engine again for the car!
We also have made the pulleys and a replacement for the thermostat housing from aluminium for the M30 engine!

Our Red Beauty…

Our red beauty is leaving us…
We are happy to deliver our 2nd RHD M3 E30 Prodrive spec rally car to Gareth Lloyd at West Wales Rally Spares tomorrow.
We cannot wait to see iT go on the stages soon!!